TATA Pipes - Cold Storage

Cold Storage Plants are meant to preserve the perishable commodities of food items for a longer period, with retention of the original colour, flavour and taste.

Unlike cold storage plants in developed countries, cold storages in our country have perforce adapted technology to local resource availability and needs. But with new opportunities emerging and with increasing competition, there is now a need to ensure technological & operational excellence if optimum benefits are to be obtained.

Design & application of Pipes in Cold Storages

A simplified flow diagram of a vapour compression refrigeration system

Cold storage plants are large warehouses equipped with a vapour compression system for refrigeration, traditionally using ammonia as the refrigerant. The system functions through a network consisting of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and an evaporator.

If the performance of the refrigeration system is to be optimized, it is necessary to ensure that pipes of right dimensions and quality are used across the system. Apart from the intricate pipe network in condensers and evaporators, designated as 'heat exchangers', the vapour compression refrigeration system has to include interconnecting pipes for these heat exchangers.

Pipe Sizes normally used: 15 mm NB to 200 mm Black Heavy Plain Ended (BHPE) Steel Pipes IS:1239/IS:3589

If you are in the business of cold storage, and are setting for ordinary pipes you are running the risk of leakage. Because, nothing really matches up to the superior quality of Tata Pipes. It is backed by over 50 years of manufacturing expertise in steel tubes & pipes and bears the trusted Tata name.

Tata Pipes : Ideal for Cold Storage

  • Made of high quality in-house steel - bringing down the possibilities of unforeseen leakages especially in the condenser which is exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Smooth inner surfaces reduce friction losses thereby improving the performance of the system and lowering running costs.


"Tata Pipes offer value for money because leakage of ammonia can have disastrous consequences. It has been found that this risk exists in cheaper quality pipes, whereas with Tata Pipes consumers have rarely faced these problems"


Refrigeration Consultant, Member American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHEAW) "Tata Pipes have always been found to be of superior quality as compared to all other brands of pipes in terms of dimensional accuracy, reliability and other parameters"

Mr Dipak Guha

Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Consultant, Refcon Projects, Kolkata